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Note: These links may not work, as this is from Andrew Guthrie's original EdHT Website about how EdHT came about. (AB :-)

EdHT was written in Blitz2 Basic

CU Amiga CU Amiga CD-ROM II was Andrew Guthrie's first experience with the Internet.

"CUs' web site was on the cd along with a demo of AWeb to demonstrate the
WWW on the Internet via CD rom".

"Wanting to learn more about HTML, I seached my Aminet cd's which did not contain any HTML tools at the time. As it was going to be a while before I could go on line to see what was out on the World Wide Web, I started to write EdHT".

EdHT was developed on-

  • Amiga 1200HD 030 50mhz 2mb chip 32mb fast OS3.0
Tested on-
  • 1200HD 4mb Fast OS3.0 (AG)
  • 2000/030 2mb Chip 8mb Fast OS3.1 (AB)
  • 1000 OS3.1 (?)
  • 3000/060 ? OS3.1? (PAK)

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