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Is for use with EdHT.
EdHT is a fully user configurable text (Ed)itor designed for coding <HTML> and other (H)yper(T)ext document formats. Customise EdHT for your own editing environment

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MeuConfig + Implementations for EdHT

boAB Software (..for EdHT on Amiga!:)

The EdHT (Full Distribution 0.8) last changed in November 2001 (Download for latest implementations)

EdHT as a stand alone text editor has a (deliberately) limited menu set, (PROJ, EDIT, MISC) to allow users to program their own menu configurations, making EdHT fully customisable to suit your work!

Provided by boAB Software are Menu Configurations for editing ®AmigaGuide, <HTML4.01!> as well as a Menu Editing environment, allowing users to change or create menu config's.

The EdHT-MenuEdit - MenuConfig (EdHT/config/EdHT-MenuEdit.mcfg :-) is a Menu Editor for EdHT.
This has extensive help and tips within the menu set. which may help to customise your chosen EdHT (Environment :-) MenuConfig's.

MenuConfigs by boAB Software that are included with the new full distribution of EdHT are..

  • EdHT.mcfg (Almost Bare! EdHT MenuConfig)
  • EdHT-Welcome.mcfg (To get started - Introduction)
  • The above menuconfigs have been removed from the distribution, in favour of the new default (Configuration) menu. ("EdHT-ENV.mcfg" MenuConfig)
  • EdHT-ENV.mcfg (DEFAULT - For editing your Name etc. EdHT Env Vars)
  • EdHT-AmigaGuide.mcfg (For editing AmigaGuide documents)
  • EdHT-Email.mcfg (For editing EMail)
  • EdHT-MenuEdit.mcfg (A MenuConfig Menu Editing environment)
  • EdHT-PlugIns.mcfg (For configuring EdHT PlugIns)
  • HTML4.01.mcfg (For editing HTML documents)
  • HTML4.01-All_Entities.mcfg (For editing HTML documents)
  • NEW! SMIL2.0.mcfg (For editing SMIL documents)

The HTML4.01.mcfg (MenuConfig) has an xhtml menu, as xhtml is a re-formulation of html4.x in XML. Now! has "HTMLTidy", an Amiga port of Dave Raggett's "Tidy" that can check html for errors (in a user friendly way!:) and/or convert html to xhtml. (This is in the HTML4.01.mcfg Now!)

The new xhtml-Mod and CSS2 for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2) may be released as MenuConfigs at a later date.


About EdHT Dev. (More :-) or Previous (MenuConfigs :-)

Through a friendly exchange of information, Andrew Guthrie (Author of EdHT) after implementing a couple of user requested changes was able to implement nearly every other idea that we came up with, slowly evolving to the current state of EdHT V0.5_alpha_17.7 which has changed significantly from the last AmiNet UpLoad (January 1997).

Unfortunately Andrew Guthrie passed away in 1998 at a very youthful age and his presence is missed by his family, friends and the Amiga Community that knew him.

You can read more about EdHT and how it developed from the new EdHT Home Page.

About EdHT (Dev. :-) ..or Next (EdHT :-)    Previous (MenuConfigs :-)

As assistant to the development of EdHT and beta tester, I came to know Andrew and EdHT during a 12 month development phase and I have produced this range of add-on Menu Set Configurations that show off some of EdHT's new features.

As well as all of the new MenuConfig implementations, I have attempted documentation of EdHT & Menu editing, I have now gained permissions from authors of other software (PlugIns - pre-configured in MenuConfigs) with the EdHT Full Distribution.

This is in development but now available for download for anyone (to beta test:) from the EdHT Home Page (Here on this server! :-)

OR you can bypass this and download the full distribution..
EdHT.lzx (~650kb)

Read More about Menu Config's
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..for use with EdHT! (On Amiga!:)

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EdHT Software (for Amiga!:)

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Software for Amiga.

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Software for Amiga. (OR a PC if you're running Win UAE - Amiga Emulator Software? - UnTested!)

EdHT is fully user configurable text editor designed for coding <html> that I have developed menuconfigs for towards a VALID html4.0x editor, and aiming for w3c WATAGuidelines. (Now with "HTMLTidy" to validate within EdHT and or convert html to xhtml!:)

Tags like the blue HTML Tag represented above show as a different color to text, when EdHTting! .html code.
Other recognized TAGs are... The @ (at) symbol tag for editing
   eg. @AmigaGuide documents, which also allows a different colour for AmigaGuide tags.
(AmigaGuide docs use MultiView - a PDF like? Amiga Tool)
> Mail Editing... allowing ">" quoted mail lines to show a different colour.

EdHT Developer(s) WANTED!
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Blitz Basic Developer(s) Wanted!
To continue development towards a full release. The current binary will be FreeWare but a Full Release Commercial version, and/or porting this to Pee Cee - linux?/ADE?/'doze? may be a possibility and is open to discusion.

Feel free to download the full distribution to understand EdHT's capabilities then... Contact boAB Software

EdHT-Coded-With-Blitz - Image of an old Blitz Truck in the Kimberley
EdHT Software (for Amiga!:)

EdHT beta testers Wanted!

Feel free to DownLoad the full distribution from this page or the EdHT Homepage, and test away!
Please do! contact with any comments or suggestions as above with "EdHT" as SUBJECT please.
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